“A Time To Dance!”

Hello All,

I’ve always liked the beginning of Ecclesiastes 3 where the Bible gives us such a broad glimpse into the reality of one’s life; there is a time for everything!  Verse 4 in particular says, “a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance”. 

So why would I be writing about dancing this week? Is it because David also danced in the Bible as in 2 Samuel 6:14 where it is written, “David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might”? Is it because I personally am a good dancer?  I can answer the good dancer question easily with an honest; “not really!”  Actually I was brought up following the end of a generation that somewhat probably considered dancing not really a church thing at all, and even most “good church folks” would have called dancing a sin!  Today, perhaps there is a lot of dancing that crosses the line of indecency and is sinful, but dancing in and of itself is an act of creativeness that can be used for many things, even good things and even worship (yes worship, just like David)!  But it still doesn’t change the fact that I’m just not very good at it!  Back in my day in 6th grade I remember learning a few moves when the words “popping” and “break dancing” we’re new and trendy terms, which today’s generation (and probably even more so with an international readership) would just say that break dancing should really mean, “Corey, take a break from trying to dance and what in the world are you talking about with popping? (some might call that part electricity)”. 

So why am I writing about dancing?

O.k. I’ll get to the point, this Saturday, from 7:30-10:00pm, is LIFT’s “Community Outreach Family Dance Evening” and I and my family are looking forward to going, even inviting others to come check it out too.  Katherine Fedor and family have blessed LIFT with leading/teaching two prior Dance Evenings that have been a cool experience for all that have come!  It has nothing to do with “popping” and really, I pray nobody “breaks” anything dancing.  Actually, it’s a whole different type of dancing versus that which was around back in my early days. It’s actually from a couple hundred years back when dancing was “rather proper” in form when done amongst the good folks of Britain such as you might have seen in Jane Austen movies like Pride and Prejudice. 

O.k., now I’ve crossed the line for most of the men out there who already think I’m crazy to admit I’m going dancing with my family in a fashion that was inspired by a chick flick like Pride and Prejudice, especially since most know I’m into American Football (Go Broncos!) and even watched a live Rugby match (All Blacks) a few weeks ago in Italy.  But hang on, I’m being honest and it’s really a worthwhile and extremely fun experience, even for a manly man like some of you out there!  I too remember when I went to the first one earlier in the year, I a bit “shy” (nicer than saying embarrassed) to admit I was going to go to an 18th Century dance night.  In fact I really only went because I enjoy doing things with my family and we are all in it together…..and I like hanging out with the Fedor’s as well!  But now with two dance night’s under my belt, I’m even writing about it publicly!  No experience needed, cause Katherine & Co are great teachers.  
Whether young (over 7), old (no limit), single (more than welcome), couples or family we look forward to enjoying a wonderful night of fellowship, fun and dance together!  Bring someone with you! 

In His grip and grace, 

5 Years of Living it and Giving it!

Hello All,

It was five years ago today, that 13 people gathered in our little apartment and began to worship, fellowship and share God’s Word together.  It was also the first time that Ken and I met each other (Tanya and Kristin met a couple weeks earlier). Whether you were there that first night, or have come alongside LIFT in the years since, it’s an honor and a privilege to share life and faith together.  Our God is an amazing God, and what LIFT has “lived” has been a testimony to His faithfulness; all glory to God!  The future looks good………….we can already read the end of The Book and find out that with Jesus, we’ve got an eternity to look forward to together!  In the meantime, the journey continues for us to GO into our realm (in Zug and the nations) and share the Gospel message of grace, love and hope!

Check this out, it’s the very first LIFT update I ever sent out back on Sept 2, 2004.

—– Original Message —–
From: Best’s
Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 5:39 PM
Subject: New Ministry-Zug/Baar
Greetings everyone,

This e-mail is in regards to a new ministry group beginning right here in the Zug/Baar area.  The vision is to have an English speaking ministry that glorifies God as we share life with others, including the Gospel message, and also as we individually grow in our faith in God through Jesus Christ.  Or in other words, “to Live it and Give it” right here in the canton of Zug!  Regardless of nationality or church background we welcome you and others to join us in getting to know our Creator in a deeper and closer relationship!

We, as part of the team effort, are Corey and Tanya Best. We have two children (Livia; 7 and Silas; 3) and we all are fresh “off the boat/plane” from Colorado, U.S.A. and are beginning our next adventure in life here in Zug/Baar.  Our journey of faith begins and ends with Jesus and we are simply excited to serve Him and see what He has in store for the future.  Our connection to Zug is through Tanya as she is also a “Zugerin” growing up here for half of her life, although she was born in Aspen, Colorado and lived the other half of her life in the U.S.   Our family has dual citizenship, but I am the one with the accent over here.  I grew up in Washington State and moved to Colorado in 1988.  Being raised in a Christian home, I was blessed that God made it easy for me to know Him as my Personal Savior.  I have a background of both general management/marketing and ministry, and feel that God has shaped Tanya and me in a manner that He has divinely led us here.  For the last couple of years I completed my Master’s Degree in Theological Studies and served in student ministries at a Bible Church in Colorado.  We will share more later…

Beginning THIS Sunday (Sept. 5th) we are launching LIFT NIGHTS here at our home from 6:30 pm -8:30 pm.  This theme is about lifting up the name of Jesus and “L”iving “I”n “F”orever “T”oday, as we feel that an eternal relationship begins when one accepts Jesus on this side of heaven and not just after one dies.  Our time will begin with a casual fellowship time including snacks, then a time of “Praise & Worship” to the Lord (I can manage with the guitar until others can help too) while sharing “life” together in regards to getting to know each other better and what/how we can pray for one another. We will end with a teaching time from the Bible.  Kids are welcome.  I did mention casual and please come as you feel comfortable.

We are looking forward to seeing what God does in this area for His kingdom!

In His grip and grace,
Corey and Tanya


Yes all, we are still looking forward to seeing what God continues to do in this area for His Kingdom! 

In His grip and grace,

“5-4-3-2-1-"GO!" -Launch and re-launch!

Hello All,

For years, LIFT’s overall theme verse has been Luke 10:2. 

Here’s verse 1, 2 and part of 3. 
After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go! I am sending you…

I can’t express how exciting it is to see so many that have stepped up in “GO”-ing as part of the local harvest workforce!  Our growth just continues to “GO” forward and many new faces are jumping right in…….and that’s a beautiful thing!  Below are the many, many announcements of various ministries launching (or re-launching)! 

There are two reasons for this weeks update being mainly announcements:

    1) So that you can join in to attend and participate in one (or more) of the various ministries alongside others in growing in your faith! 
    2) For some, you need to be part of the “workers” and get fit in your faith by serving others in one (or more) of these various ministries.  

Have a look below and join in and/or step up and be a volunteer in helping serving in a ministry!  Most of the contact info is below so feel free to contact ministry leaders directly, or click reply and we’ll get ya connected with the information you seek!

Reminder of the work day tomorrow at LIFT starting at 9:30 with various facility projects.  And a reminder of the more important event this weekend, the Baptism service at 9:00 am down at the lake before our normal 10:00 am service at LIFT.

Re-read it above from Luke.   I believe it’s happening again right now in Zug.  Jesus IS sending us into our community around us, often in pairs (and 72 is just about true for us as well).  Note in verse 1, “where He was about to GO”.  I believe Jesus (who have been here long before LIFT of course) IS still currently GO-ing  before us in the months ahead!

The harverst IS ripe around in Zug, with countless souls in need of the Gospel and grace of Jesus!  Let’s continue to pray in asking Jesus to bring forth the workers!   And of course…….LET’S GO!  Each of us individually into our realms of influence of those around us, and together as a church into our community!

It is an honor and a privilege to serve alongside you!

In His grip and grace,



Hello All,

Just a quick update and request for a bit of help if you have some time on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to finish up the painting, carpet, final detailing and especially……the clean up of the upstairs phase 1 building project! 
So far, what a wonderful job and great teamwork from more than 12 people helping thus far.  An extra big thank you to Werner S and Ruedi H for their expertise and leading the work force!!!!  Most all the “big stuff” is complete with the rooms, doors, windows basically complete and even a first coat of paint.  However, we still have a few tasks at hand but with about 4 or 5 volunteers each of the three final days, our kids should be able to already use the new rooms this already this coming Sunday!!!!
Ladies, surely you can paint better than I, as I think I got more on the floor and myself than I did on the first coat of the ceiling!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
THURSDAY: (9am-5pm- half days a fine too) Lot’s of PAINTING and trimwork with lot’s of fine details.
FRIDAY:  (9am-5pm- half days a fine too) Completion of painting (and/or possible start on laying carpet)
SATURDAY: (9am until completion of cleaning) Lay Carpet (if not done) and major, major clean-up!  WE NEED A LARGE CREW TO HELP CLEAN ALL OF THE DOWNSTAIRS AND UPSTAIRS.  The entire building it very dusty……obviously!  Furthermore, a few loads in a van and/or large vehicle needed Saturday before noon to take trash/construction waste to the recycle center for disposal.  
Aside of all the “work” done, I think everyone so far has also appreciated just being able to journey and fellowship together.  Another great example of the body of Christ at work at LIFT!
Also, this Sunday and next Sunday, the messages will be sharing all about LIFT and our church’s history, beliefs and our vision into the future in impacting our community and those around us with our faith!  Hope to see ya there!
In His grip and grace,


DRIVE-ing with Jesus

Hello All,

I’ll never forget what a fellow youth pastor shared with me years ago regarding his wife’s wonderful prayer life and “ride” with Jesus.  For work purposes, she had to DRIVE once per week about 1 1/2 hours each way and as she got into the car one morning just after kissing him goodbye, she reached across the passenger seat, grabbed the seat belt and while fastening it she said, “Buckle up Jesus, it’s time to go to work together!”.  Then she rolled up her window, backed up smiling and was already talking to Jesus (not to herself) as the car drove out of his site.  As much as he was energized by his wife’s strong faith, I too was forever changed in my perspective on praying while driving.  Ok, although I admit I haven’t actually clicked the passenger side seatbelt for Jesus like she did (I figure he’s going survive anyways!), I speak to him often while DRIVING in my car and in my life.  I think for all of us, we need simple reminders such as this to include God in our normal daily life and routine.  Even for you that take the train to work here in Swissland, just wait and see the reaction when someone approaches the “empty” seat next to you saying “Ist der Platz frei?” and you reply, “No, Jesus is sitting there next to me!”

Taking the DRIVE in life to the next level is truly figuring out how to put Jesus in the DRIVER’s seat and not just passenger seat!  (Don’t try this in your real car, but you get what I mean).  That is DRIVING by faith and takes more than just a license but also practice and experience. In fact, when one has grown up with learning to let Jesus DRIVE in their life, it’s much easier and the journey has often seen fantastic roads of glory along the way. So it’s wise for us as a church to start DRIVING lessons early in faith!  Bedros has shared the truth about GPS for those that think modern technology is the best route, as we all know we’ve “arrived at our destination” only to realize the satellites deceived us as the empty parking lot in front of the car is NOT the intended shopping mall!

By now, I hope you are asking yourself, why are all of the DRIVE-ing  words emphasized. LIFT’s new youth ministry for students ages 11 and up, called DRIVE has recently left the garage and enter the streets of real life!  I have been so excited to see the calling and passion of Dave and Jami to launch such a ministry at LIFT.  As we look around on Sunday mornings it’s clear we don’t have many students that are of these ages (about 3-5), so one might think that we should have the students first and then start the youth group.  Praise God for the faith of Dave and Jami to first step out in faith to start the ministry and give God the glory when He brings the students.  It reminds me of the Best’s and the Eales’ a few short years ago in our living room having “church” although just our two families showed up on some weeks.  Three facilities later, the Best’s and Eales’ are still gathering together to worship as a church, but with the glory of God’s faithfulness in seeing many of you each week alongside us!  So if you are a teen, I encourage you to LIFT up DRIVE and build your youth ministry together with Dave and Jami, even if some weeks there’s just a few.  If you’re a parent of a teen or know of other families with teens, I encourage you to get the word out, every other Friday night is DRIVE at LIFT.  

At heart, I’m still a youth guy who have tremendous confidence in what teenagers and young adults can do for the LORD! I’ve seen some amazing acts of love, grace and courage from those under 20!  As a church, let’s pray (even while DRIVING) for the next generation to continue to work the harvest field around us.  I can already envision some of our DRIVE students some day getting into their real cars, reaching across the passenger seat and buckling up the seatbelt, while saying, “Buckle up Jesus, it’s time to go on a DRIVE together!”         

Proverbs 22:6 -Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

In His grip and grace,