Hello All,

Guess What?  Our 2 week study of “Why the Bible is ‘THE BIBLE’…..the absolute truth, the inspired Word of God and without error!” HAS CONTINUED at least two more weeks.  I’ll be teaching this week and Ken will be blessing us next week.

This Sunday we focus on a couple of questions that you may have heard before; “Why do the Gospels seems to contradict one another?” and “Why does it seem that there are two accounts of creation in Genesis?”.

There’s something else that I’d like to share with y’all as well:  Regarding this new job of mine and the travel that I will be doing (perhaps a couple weeks per month-not weekends, and all over Europe), I have been thinking that there MUST BE A HIGHER PURPOSE.  My thoughts have been to start a journal and write and record what the Lord is doing in these countries that I will visit.  Certainly there are missionaries and/or local churches that “have a story” of their part of the Kingdom.  The TASK is finding these missionaries.  So, I have this trip to Madrid, Spain all of next week and with all the training thus far, I simply didn’t get around investigating what missionaries may be there.  (That’s typical isn’t it?…….  Thinking that I’ll first do a few trips for myself and THEN think about  doing something for the Lord.)   Well, I got home today and had a message from a missionary from Madrid, Spain.  WHAT? A MISSIONARY FROM MADRID CONTACTING ME?  Yep!  It’s a long story, but he’s in Basel, Switzerland today and tomorrow and in a “round about way” got my name from a friend of a friend, of a contact of a contact and somehow through Stami here in Zug.  We’ll see how the Lord takes it from here, but Tanya and I are meeting with him and another man regarding a missions team (approx. 50) from the U.S. coming to Switzerland to perform an Evangelism event this July.  They are self funded, organized with previous missions experiences (the leadership anyways), and want to connect with a local church(es) so that as people may come to know Jesus, they can know they have a local church to plug into and continue the discipleship process.   And did I mention this guy that is heading this up is from Madrid, Spain, where I’m going next week.  You know, the place that I haven’t found a missionary to seek out and see what’s up in their part of the world?

A few things about this guy calling me, strike me as completely of GOD!  First, our prayer as a Lift Ministry of asking the Lord to bring forth workers.  What a blessing, even if it’s just for a short period.  I’ve been on a few of these types of trips and they can be very powerful.    Secondly, how did he find me, us, the LIFT ministry?   Thirdly, what amazing timing!  I could go on, but I thinks it’s safe to say that only God can MAKE THINGS HAPPEN in ways that only God can get the glory!  I’m not sure how all the details are going work out yet, but I got this feeling that God has it all under control, just like the way He controlled giving us HIS HOLY WORD, the BIBLE!

Oh yeah, I’m meeting a missionary next week in Madrid while I’m there for business!  His name is Dana H. and God worked things out so we could cross paths and be encouraging to one another for the Kingdom!  That’s so cool, or as the Swiss would say…..MEGA-cool!

Have a great weekend!  Our God is an awesome God!

In His grip and grace,
Corey and Tanya


Hello all,

Growing up as a kid, I used to watch Star Trek sometimes, but I wouldn’t have called myself a huge fan or later attended any “Trekky” conventions with a green or blue suit.   What I always thought was cool, however,  was the beginning introduction that said:  “Space, the final frontier……” (and ended with). “…….to GO where no man has gone before!”, and then the music started.


This Sunday night we will be looking at the concept of “MISSION” and how we as individuals AND the LIFT ministry have a MISSION to “GO”!  – Our mission is different than that of Star Trek in that wherever we “GO” for the LORD, He has already GOne before us, preparing what we are to do, touching and softening hearts and already drawing people to Himself.

As we are GOing, we have a message to share and this GOSPEL Message will also be presented Sunday night.

So come on down to LIFT Night and be encouraged and equipped to “GO” into the this frontier of Zug and beyond!

In His grip and grace,
Corey and Tanya


He is risen!  He is risen indeed!