Step of Faith at 5 meters!

Hello All,

Hebrews 11:1- Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

I had a proud daddy moment this past weekend as both of my kids tackled fear of heights and fear of the unknown by stepping out in faith.  They weren’t sure of what to hope for (other than a safe landing) and certainly couldn’t see the future ahead (as to if it would hurt or not), but they stepped out anyways…….from the 5 meter platform at the Laettich swimming park in Baar!  For those that don’t operate in meters well, that is 5 yards plus some inches, a long, long way down if your not even 5 feet tall yourself.  Livia did it first on Friday and so excitedly shared this amazing feat of courage that evening when I got home from work.  Silas had jumped from the 3 meter on Friday and was fully supporting his sister’s claims of the bigger and scarier 5 meter that she conquered.  With a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we made our way back to the swimpark as a family and without pushing or proding, I heard Silas say to Livia (in regards to attempting the 5 meter), “I’m gonna do it too”!  Before too long, after Livia showed she could do it again, Silas walked up the ladders, made his way to the edge, looked down, and took the step of faith into the unknown!  Praise the Lord is what I was thinking, as with eyes big, full of excitement, his head with a huge smile popped up out of the water and he proudly swam to other side of the pool and climbed out a 7 year old who’d met the challenge of the 5 meter platform.  From this point on, the fear of the unknown was gone and the fun of doing it again and again continued for several more trips by both Livia and Silas.  They even challenged daddy to get up there (as it’s been a few years since my last 5 meter “fall”) to join in the action also!  As you can see the bold and underline above, after taking the step of faith and experiencing the outcome, it wasn’t a matter of faith anymore for the kids, just plain ol’fun!   Faith was only involved before stepping out the first time, afterwards it was just experiencing life as the safe (and fun) outcome was known.   

How about us in life, specifically when we come to the edge of something new and unknown and have a fear of stepping out, not knowing how it may turn out?  Sometimes we have fearful first time decisions like flying the first time, stepping off a ski lift the first time or travelling to a new place not knowing the language.  Sometimes we have major life changing decisions as well, like who we get married to, having children, relocating internationally, or changing careers.  I’m convinced, however, that the most important first decision in everyone’s life is that of choosing to believe and receive Jesus into our lives, a life of eternity.  Yes, it’s a step of faith, but a step worth taking, God promises you that.  I made that step a long time ago and yes, it was the most important step of faith I have ever made or ever will make in my lifetime.  Since then there have been many life issues and choices to make, other steps of faith, but the truth is, only the step of accepting God’s grace was the one step that counted for eternity.  After that all the other steps, especially the big ones like marrying Tanya, career choices to provide for my family, relocating to Switzerland, although still steps of faith, were decisions that thankfully I had God help guide me along the way…….just as He promised! 
So how about you and the greatest step of faith that anyone can take?  Go for it, just take that step (or leap) and after that, it’s not a matter of faith anymore, rather you’ll be able to look back and realize God was there to catch you the whole time, and now you’re on your life’s journey walking with God, never again alone……for all eternity!

LIFT’s Summer Season(ing) is well underway with a sharing of the Sunday messages from various leaders of LIFT. This week Robert  will be preaching and I am confident you’ll be blessed in hearing what the Lord has for you through this man of faith!  I’m looking forward to it myself! 

In His grip and grace,

Summer Seasoning!

Matthew 5:17 The Message
 “Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth.”

Hello All,

I really like the beautiful wording in the paraphrased passage of Matthew 5:17 of The Message; “Let me tell you why you are here.  You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth.”  As I try and grasp the depth of this bringing out the “God-flavors” into this world, I ponder how each of us, as followers of Jesus individually and together at a church are salt seasoning and part of something greater.  A great recipe mixed together by a chef who forgot to add the salt, would be served as a poor or false tasting product, but the Master Chef, with that supernatural dash of salt, serves culinary creations to the fullest of flavors! 

So what’s the point?  Cooking class from Corey?  No, trust me you would want a cooking class from Tanya, not me, but I do hold my own with Mexican dishes!  The point is that God has created you, just as you are, to show His grace and glory to the world around you just as we say often at LIFT; to live your faith and to give it away.  With the salt seasoning of Christ within us, each of us are part of His plan in “seasoning the earth with His flavor”!  

We will be blessed over the Summer Season(ing) at LIFT the next several weeks in that Bedros, Chas, Robert, Wayne, Ken and I will be sharing the messages on various Sunday mornings.  Another way of experiencing different flavors of the Lord as we all have our own different communication styles, but yet will preach from the same Word of God, the Bible!  

I’m looking forward to it and hope you are as well!  See ya this Sunday at Vorstadt.      
In His grip and grace