The Launch is complete, we are now LIFTed, and God is providing the fuel, direction and safety.

Hello All,

The Launch is complete, we are now LIFTed, and God is providing the fuel, direction and safety.


This past Sunday night we had nearly 30 adults and 6 or 7 kids at Launch Night for the Lift Ministry!!  Our immediate “mission” is to simply GET THE WORD OUT!  If you know of someone who needs to hear the Gospel Message and speaks some English, bring them on down by the lake on Sunday nights!  It’s a great opportunity for all of us to “connect” with other English speakers in the Zug area, and even for a purpose!  Also, we are definitely about reaching the Swiss people around us here too, those of you who may work with or live near Swiss that speak English (even if they don’t speak good English!)…bring them on down too!

I was a delight to “realize” that God’s ministry is truly beginning to shape and take form.  Yes, it’s possible in the next couple of weeks to drop in attendance after a Launch event, but it is also possible that the contagious message of Jesus and true hope that He gives may lead you and others to “grow” this ministry.  We are all in this together for the Kingdom!

Below is just a couple of insights on how God has touched Ken and myself in the past year to simply walk in faith and serve our Lord in part through the Lift Ministry.  Remember the message this past Sunday from Isaiah 6 in that a true revelation of God WILL lead to a revolution in your life!  CLEAR VISION OF GOD LEADS TO CLEAR VISION OF SELF LEADS TO CLEAR VISION OF OTHERS!

For the Best’s, it was a year ago almost to the exact date that our pastor in Colorado was preaching about the faith of Abraham in Hebrews 11 where Abraham simply went (“GO”) in faith, not knowing exactly where and how his needs were to be met.  Not that I compare myself to this Bible hero mentioned in Scripture, but that morning we both truly knew God was asking us to leave our life there and come to Zug!  It’s been an adventure every since.

A few days after arriving here in late July, Ken had heard we were here and sent me an e-mail stating he wanted to get together with me.  His exact quote stated, “I have a sense that the LORD might draw us together in purpose.” WOW!

Well my friends, the future looks good!  Our expectations aren’t just in how many we can reach, but also enjoying our walk (each of us) together with our Lord along the way!  As we GO together we will GROW together in our faith and knowledge of Jesus!

Below is an information “clip” that you can cut and paste and forward to someone regarding the Lift ministry.  Don’t forget we have our website at that has our ministry’s information as well.

Looking forward to meeting this Sunday night!!!!!

In His grip and grace,

New Christian ministry in Zug

using the Bible and the English language …


Sundays 18:30 – 20:30 Vorstadt 30, Zug



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