Dear Jesus,

Please, forgive us for not always “walking” with you as closely as we should, and then try to make up for it during the week of Easter…….. that being said, let’s start this letter over:

Dear Jesus,

May we be especially blessed this week as we humbly “walk” with you to share your message and love of dying for us, and RISING for us, our Savior!!!!

What an exciting week to first remember God’s love for us in sending His Son to die for us and secondly, to celebrate that we worship a RISEN Savior, Jesus Christ!!

We have two opportunities this week at LIFT:

FRIDAY NIGHT (Good Friday) 25.3.2005- The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson Film) is being shown at our Vorstadt 30 location at no cost. Come join us at 19:00 for fellowship and the film begins at 19:30. More on this below.

SUNDAY NIGHT (EASTER SERVICE) 27.3.2005- Celebrating our Risen Savior- Jesus! including the Lord’s Supper/Communion Service. Normal LIFT night time at 18:30 at Vorstadt 30.


……So what’s all this talk about the Passion of the Christ film that took the box offices by storm last year (and has been re-released this year during the Easter time, even here in Switzerland).

I’m not sure what you’ve heard, what you’ve seen or what your opinion is about this film, but I don’t mind sharing a little from my perspective and heart.

-Is it violent? Yes, sickening violent! I’ll be honest, I am not looking forward to seeing this film again, not for entertainment anyway, because it hurts to see my best friend, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, being brutally killed before my eyes. However, the Bible is the truth and it gives us the account of the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life before dying by a Roman crucifixion. Our Western culture* has somehow softened what Jesus’ dying meant for us, from His human aspect anyways. This movie is an incredible depiction for us to get a “glimpse” of what Jesus physically, mentally and spiritually went through for us (you, me and all of the world). We can never truly understand what taking on the sins of the world means, but that is what God’s perfect plan was, for Him to redeem us and restore us to Himself, through the atonement of Jesus Christ!

*The oxy-moron here is that the average kid sees something like 15,000 murders/deaths from T.V./Movies/Video Games before the age of 18.

-Is it about money? Many say that Mel Gibson is just profiting by glamorizing the cross. The truth is that no major Hollywood studio wanted to touch this movie. They all said NO, and NO WAY would a movie with subtitles be successful, especially with religious content. So Mr. Gibson, with passion of wanting to get this message of Jesus Christ out, put up $25 million of his own money to produce it anyways. Now that it has grossed somewhere in the $400 million range worldwide, it’s ridiculous that people are saying he did it for the money, being those that are only in it for the money, felt it had no chance to succeed.

Is the movie anti-Jewish? Of course not! Let me state this clearly, the Jews did not kill Jesus………….Jesus GAVE His life WILLINGLY for us, He could have called the angels of heaven down at any time to defend Him, but He chose to die for us! Reread John 3:16.

-Why show it in Zug as part of LIFT? As we have been looking at why we, the LIFT ministry, exist and we felt that this is way to share to the community around us the story of Jesus Christ’s love. The movie is to get people talking about Jesus, but it is OUR responsibility to continue the talking and help people understand and have a relationship with Jesus.

-Any other thoughts, Corey? Yep, of course, but just one more to note. This next tidbit of information is info that you can use in conversations with others to share the GOSPEL message. Did you know that Mel Gibson played a cameo role in this move? He did. During the hammering of the nails into Jesus’ hands, it was Mel Gibson’s real arm and hand that is shown pounding in the nail. Why would he do that? Perhaps it was his creative idea for him personally to show it was his sin, Mel Gibson’s that Jesus died for……in other words, it was Mel’s sin that killed Jesus, and he wanted to quietly take responsibility for his role. The truth is, it was my sin too, and yours! We all played a role in holding the hammer!

THIS MOVIE ISN’T FOR EVERYONE, especially not for children, but like no other movie, it gets people talking about JESUS! Perhaps you or someone you know may be challenged in faith by seeing this movie.

So, it was a long one this week (trying to make up for the rest of the year right?).

Have a wonderful Easter and thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit for your grace and love!

May we all be a blessing this week to the world around us that needs a

In His grip and grace,

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