Father's Day

Hello everyone,

My name is Corey Allen…….and you know my last name. My grandfather’s name was Fred Allen Best, so I guess that’s where my middle name comes from. Too bad he lived in Portales, New Mexico and I was raised in Richland, Washington (the state) nearly 2000 miles away (that’s simply a long way away for those of you who use the metric system)! I really didn’t get much of a chance to meet Fred Best, but then again, I actually did. You see, his son, Travis is my father, and Travis is who Travis is, largely because of learning life from his father Fred. So, I reckon that if I know Travis fairly well, then I must actually know a bit about Fred, which is good, because I have his middle name and all. The point is, a father has a huge role in passing on a bit of who he is to the next generation, and in Travis’ case, that was/is to three boys: Steve, Eric and me, Corey.

It’s been a pretty big year for this baby boy of Travis, moving a long way away to Switzerland. But it’s a blessing from my Heavenly Father that much from my earthly father has moved along with me. I can’t sing as good as my dad, but I love to sing, just like him. I’m not as tall as my dad, but I still look okay in the suits that I have to wear to work nowadays, and he always looks great in his suits. The biggest thing, however, that I am blessed with from my dad is my faith, which is his faith, which was his father’s faith (you know, Fred), which has been graced to us by the Father that counts most….God in heaven.

Nearly every Sunday in my life, my dad was up at the pulpit leading the congregation in worship through song and praise. That was really cool and all, but for me, it was “the other six days of the week”. You see, the strongest impression that my dad made in my life was the way he simply lived his faith in Jesus during everyday life. That’s where I learned my faith, in everday circumstances, and everyday simply including Jesus in our life!

I’m looking forward to Father’s day this Sunday. It will be an honor, as it always is, to help lead people in worship to God the Father in heaven. This in mind, however, is knowing that my own Livia and Silas will be there watching their father too, an honor I have everyday!

I realize that not everyone has the best memories about their earthly fathers, but rest assured that our Father in heaven is always with us, loving us and blessing us with His grace!

Psalms 68:4-5

Sing to God, sing praise to his name,

extol him who rides on the clouds–

his name is the LORD–

and rejoice before him.

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,

is God in his holy dwelling.

Have a great weekend and enjoy Father’s Day on Sunday! You’re welcome to come and say hello to our Father alongside us Sunday night at Lift!

In His grip and grace,


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