Hello everyone,

In the next two weeks there are 3 particular events that I would like to inform you about and invite you to come to!

TONIGHT AT LIFT: The ELEMENTS of LIFT- WOOD-  Why is tonight any different than any other LIFT night?  Alongside our study of “WOOD- Service and Ministry- The building blocks of a church” we will look back at how LIFT came into existance and look ahead (VISION) at what LIFT may look like in the future.   If you are just getting to know us, it’s a great night to get the story first hand!

OCT. 16th- LIFT NIGHT- SPECIAL U.S. GUESTS-  My former seminary professor, Dr. Allan Karr and 6 or 7 pastors (students) with spouses (and families) are coming to Switzerland for an International Church Planting conference (also credit for their own seminary class).  Oct. 16th, they will join us at LIFT as we worship our Lord together.  We intend to give a quick review of LIFT’s history and future vision (from 9th of Oct) and we’ll hear what the Lord is doing in their part of the Kingdom as well!

OCT. 21st-Friday Night-18:30- INTERNATIONAL “POTLUCK” DINNER-at Stadtmission Zug, 35 Chollerstrasse- Zug- In the U.S. a “potluck” is when everyone who comes brings their own dish and in the end, we all have a wonderful festive meal together.  I’m not sure what it’s called around the world, but regardless, you are invited to join us this Friday night (our last night with the U.S. Group) AND BRING A DISH OF FOOD FROM YOUR HOME COUNTRY.  Most LIFT evenings we have people from 5 to 10 different countries, so this will be a fun time of sharing food from our cultures and the love of Christ together. I’ll be sure to bring something besides hamburgers and french fries, I promise!  (PLEASE SEND A CONFIRMATION REPLY IF YOU INTEND TO JOIN US FOR THIS SO WE CAN ESTIMATE HOW MUCH FOOD WE NEED)  Even if you can’t bring a dish or decide just on that evening, come and join us anyways, there’s surely plenty of food and the fellowship will be great!

In His grip and grace,

Corey and Tanya

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