Hello everyone,

Something happened to me on Friday night at our International Potluck!  For a guy who sometimes can talk too much, I was profoundly at a loss of words.  After such an amazing week with a group of pastors and spouses from the U.S., with a conference in Zurich with other Swiss and European pastors, with such an outpouring of love and service from many of you at LIFT, I was speechless.

While speechless with my tongue, my eyes and heart was full of a small glimpse of what heaven may be like.  A place full of people who love Jesus, who share there love without conditions, and where joy is definitely present (and from the nations)! For me, it was being around people who I had walked in faith with in the past, with many that I am walking with now, and still knowing God will bring people into my life in the future to walk with. Someday we’ll get to sit around and just share it together with God in heaven and bask in worship before Him!

I could write pages about everything that I experienced this week, and books could be written if we all were to write down our individual experiences.  So instead, let’s keep walking in faith for the Lord and sharing life and love “as we go”!  Our God is an awesome God!

Tonight at LIFT we are continuing our series about The ELEMENTS of LIFT.  “WATER” is tonight’s element and we will see how our worship of God through fellowship is vital to our life and church.  After this week it is easy to illustrate as we enjoyed it all week together!

Hope to see you there!!

In His grip and grace,

Corey and Tanya

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