Hello everyone,


FIRE- The consuming Worship of our Lord!

EARTH- Growth in our personal walk in faith with the Lord!  Through prayer, His Word, others and circumstances!

WOOD- The building blocks of LIFT-  Service and Ministering!

WATER- Going and flowing together in fellowship!

WIND- Evangelism to the full meaning!  “GO” like the wind, to those around us and into the nations- Missions!

We have wrapped up our study over these elements, now it’s time to continue to live them out, individually and together!

Tonight we are covering an aspect of life that we live everyday:  As Christians, we live IN this world, but in Christ, we are not OF this world.  There seems to be two extremes for many Christians, one is to shelter ourselves away from the world and the other is join right in and act just like the world around us.

I think it’s somewhere “in between” and we CAN be IN the world, but not OF it and still SHINE our Light for the Lord who is over ALL the World!  It’s an issue of the heart!  To illustrate it, we will begin by looking at the holiday of Halloween, something that obviously has a dark side, but is also “just about fun and games and lots of candy for kids”……… or is it something else?    Come and find out!

In His grip and grace,

Corey and Tanya

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