Lift Ministry- For November 27th, 2005!


Hello everyone,

I can remember most of my Christian life (which is basically all of my life) hearing the phrase, “READ YOUR BIBLE!”.   It didn’t matter if I was a kid, a teenager, college student or adult, it still seems that I always heard that as a Christian, I am supposed to “READ MY BIBLE”.

Why is that? Of course it is a way to know God better and it is my “little instruction book” from God, but for much of my life, I DIDN’T ALWAYS UNDERSTAND WHAT I WAS READING.  Sure, I could get into the stories and most of the commandments were/are pretty straight forward, but what about all the rest, and the difficult questions that arose, and those long words like, sanctification, redemption and propitiation????

My first suggestion to you today is, KEEP READING!  The more we read the Bible, the more it will come alive.  And the Holy Spirit is a gift from God to help us understand too.

However, in practical terms, I have AN OFFER TO HELP.  For the next couple of months at LIFT, we are studying the book of JAMES, from the New Testament of the Bible.  Starting tonight, we will seek to find out the Who, What, Why, How and When answers to James and then, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, we will study God’s Word together through this amazing book.  I pray that for all of us, it will be a valuable time that helps us all understand what we are reading when we “READ OUR BIBLES! ”

Have a look at the book of James this week.  It’s just a few pages and in 15-20 minutes, you should be able to read the entire book!  In fact, I challenge you to read it once every week until we are finished!  I promise you that it’s worth your time and effort!

In His grip and grace,

Corey and Tanya

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