Hello All,


As we have announced that LIFT will NOT hold Christmas Day or New Years Day services, we invite you this Sunday (Dec. 18th, 2005- 6:30pm) for our LIFT Christmas Celebration Service.  We will worship our Lord in singing a few Christmas carols and the message of course will be the wonderful good news of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Children are welcome to stay throughout the service as they too will be blessed to hear how the Bible (and not the Santa Claus marketing of today) really tells the true story of Christmas (in an entertaining way)!

When we begin our JAMES study again on January 8th, we will pick up right where we left off in chapter 1.  I hope some of you may have taken me up on my challenge to read James each week on your own (It’s less than 15-20 minutes of reading) and will keep reading it over the Christmas weeks.  It was nice to read an e-mail recently of one who IS reading James alongside us and IS being blessed with these treasures of God’s Word!

Regarding James, I have a quick personal word of encouragement of how the Word of God in the first few verses “touched” me, even this morning.  Tanya and I had a bit of frustration yesterday evening with a circumstance that was somewhat out of our control.  As I left the house this morning, Tanya was already on the phone attempting to deal with these matters.  As I drove out the garage, a song was playing from one of my CD’s that was divinely encouraging.  Before arriving to work 30 minutes later, the circumstance was already resolved with a positive outcome and the words of this song were still ringing in my soul.  I hope you are encouraged with these words as well!


I will sing even when there is no song

I will trust even when it all seems wrong

You are faithful, You are faithful

You have shown me many times in many ways

It’s a sacrifice of praise

Hallelujah, hallelujah


It’s a sacrifice of praise

I will hope even when my faith is weak

I will laugh, Lord You’ve made my joy complete

You are faithful, You are faithful

You have shown me many times in many ways

It’s a sacrifice of praise

Have a wonderful week and looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth this Sunday night with you at LIFT!

In His grip and grace,

Corey (and Tanya)

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