Hello all,
Moving right along……….   As I recently wrote that the journey IS worth it, I believe this to be true in our study of James.  As it is a relatively short book of 5 chapters that can be read in 15 to 20 minutes (or quicker), it is very direct and point blank in content.  We have even abbreviated the main theme of James to three words; “FAITH TAKES ACTION”!   But at the same time, the content of James is quite deep and rich in meaning.  This reminds me of what Augustine of Hippo once wrote about the book of John.
“John’s Gospel is deep enough
for an elephant to swim in
and shallow enough
for a child not to drown.”

~Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD)
So as our journey continues through this study, I pray that the Holy Spirit would “open up” the Word of God in us, just as He intended it and just the way we individually need it!  The Lord communicates in a personal and unique way to each of us, even if we read the SAME Words in the Bible. Sometimes, time and life experiences change how we read and understand His Word as well. Several years ago, I did a study through James and I can definatley tell you, this time around it is almost like an entirely new Word from the Lord for me, and yet the printed words I read are the same.   
The journey is worth it and be blessed as you read God’s Word!
In His grip and grace,

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