Easter is about Jesus!

Hello all,
Easter is about Jesus!
It’s an important week for all of us.  Why, because it is in honor of what our Lord Jesus Christ did for each of us (and all mankind) about 2000 years ago.  This year, I intend to somehow, even if just in my mind and spirit, try to honor Him with my worship.  Not that I have to do something big or exceptional, but something to intentionally worship Him in a closer manner than normal.  Pray for me and perhaps you can come up with your own intentional worship over this year’s Easter! (Perhaps it may extend even beyond this week and begin a renewed and fresh time of faith in your walk with Him! I pray this will be the case!) 
Having a day off work on Good Friday and on Easter Monday is something new for me and my family living in Switzerland.  On one hand, I appreciate the time off work so I can be at home and do “work” around the house.  On the other hand, it’s an official holiday here, which means I can offend my neighbors if I am caught “working” around the house.  Furthermore, if I was to make noise with a lawnmower or power trimmer, then I would really be a bad neighbor by disrupting their “peaceful” holiday.  Should this bother me that I am restricted in what I can or can’t do on my days off?  I’ve thought about this and……….the truth is, I really don’t care.  Meaning, whether I work…..or not, offend……or not, or just spend my time worrying about trying to come up with the right answer, I am missing what Easter IS about in the first place.  It’s NOT about me, or what I do.  Nor is it about being legalistic in religion or culture.  It’s about God, His love, His Son, Jesus’ death and resurrection and giving His life so I can have my life!  This is profound and this is God’s grace, salvation and perfect plan! 

We have planned a special LIFT Easter Worship Service on Sunday night at our normal 7 pm time (6:30 fellowship) at Vorstadt 30 using songs of worship throughout the message/service as we take a Journey to the Holy of Holies and understand what Jesus did for us in His death and resurrection in providing us with a personal and intimate relationship with God.  After opening the service the children will have their own program upstairs.  I hope you can attend and even bring a friend, neighbor or colleague that might be blessed from our worship of God! 
I close with an insert of something a read on Monday which was an encouragement for me this week to remember what my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ did for me!
Moving in silent desperation and Keeping and Eye on the Holy Land:
Moving in silent desperation: There are places in the world today where the desperation is all but silent, but for a lot of us in America and Europe, this is an accurate description of our lives. We are moving about – we are busy with many things – but we are silently desperate. We may not even know what the desperation is, but no matter, it is still there. We may be financially secure – we may even be believers with lots of faith – but the desperation is still there, because it is part of the human condition.
Keeping an eye on the holy land: This is the week many will take notice of what happened in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. Most people know that Easter is not really about eggs, bunnies, and spring. It’s about remembering the events of a holy week in a holy land. And those events are important, because what happened there is the only thing that can adequately address the silent desperation in everyone’s heart. God came. God conquered. God offers hope because of it. And Christ will return some day in the same way in which he left to take all who believe to an eternal home far removed from any kind of desperation, silent or otherwise. So, best keep an eye on that.
Meanwhile, we’ll be keeping an eye all week on what happened in the Holy Land on that most important week in history.
In His grip and grace,

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