On your mark…..get set…….GO!

Hello all,
On your mark…..get set…….GO!

We hear this at the start of many sporting events to start a race.  During our KidzTime recently, we reminded the youngsters that when they hear this now and in the future, remember that the Bible also says to “GO”.  To GO into the nations and tell others about Jesus!  It’s not just for our kids; it’s for all of us too!
Aaron, Joshua and GO!  You might be thinking about two Old Testament characters, but I’d like to share a quick modern comparison of contemporary “men” who define GO in today’s world. 
-Aaron, my two year old nephew:  This kid defines GO!  Or from another perspective, he could be called non-stop!  Regardless, he is a bundle of energy that seems to never stop and just go’s and go’s and go’s!  As this lil’ guy uses this energy for the Lord in the future, it will be a wonderful thing to witness!
-Joshua, as in Mr. Josh Madden and his wife Ginny (and two small sons):  Josh blessed us at LIFT recently as he shared with us about there ministry in Switzerland with YoungLife and a great Word about obedience from Ephesians chapter 4. 
For the next several weeks, we at LIFT are going to focus on “GOING” for Jesus.  As we are all missionaries for Jesus, we will also be blessed we having some special missionaries speak at LIFT to share what the Lord is doing in different places our His Kingdom!  Whether we call it the Lift Element of Wind, Missions, Evangelism or just GO, it is a core value of LIFT to serve Jesus in this area of faith! 
This coming Sunday (May 7th) Derek Webster, a Pastor/Missionary/Friend who has been serving the Lord in Germany/Austria and Switzerland the past five years will be speaking at our LIFT Worship service.  Additionally, he will join Ken, Kristin and I with leading worship as he will bring in his voice and talents on the keyboards.  I can truly say, you will be blessed to hear what this man of the Lord has to say!
We hope you can join us in these next weeks at LIFT as we see how the Lord is working in our area around Zug, the rest of Switzerland, Europe and to the ends of the earth!  GO for it!
In His grip and grace,

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