Praise God, I am a Unicorn!

Hello all,
Going, going, gone! I hope to hear those words soon in my head as I am rounding first base. What??? You must be wondering what a Unicorn, going, and first base have to do with each other. MY PERSONAL LITTLE MISSION OF BEING A WITNESS IN MY REALM OF INFLUENCE.

Currently we are looking into God’s Word regarding “GOING” and telling others about the Gospel Message of Jesus! Well, for me, I have recently joined the Hunenberg Unicorn Baseball Club here in Zug to relive a long ago passion of this American pie, Chevy driving man’s sport of baseball! If I can get the cobwebs out of my shoulder and be able to throw and hit that little baseball again, I hope to hear the crowd (in my head) cheer as I can hit one (going, going, gone) out of the park (actually soccer field acting as a baseball diamond). To be honest, the baseball may be fun and help me stay fit over the summer, but the last thing I have time for between juggling time with my family, LIFT and work is to go and play ball. But at the same time, I am attempting to “walk my talk” regarding getting into one’s realm of influence and telling others about Christ. My fellow teamates are all local Swiss guys (all but one are several years younger than me) and they have no idea about who I am other than I am a funny sounding Swiss German speaker married into the Red Passport country……but can play some ball. I am excited to do something so Swiss (like joining a Verein (club)) but still have a decent chance of holding my own since it’s a sport I played my entire life, ALL THE WHILE, being a living witness for Jesus Christ to those around me. It’s the last point, being a witness that is my true motivation. I pray that the Lord opens opportunities to share my faith, with my words and my actions this summer.

Perhaps you too can be intentional to share the Message in the next months. For added encouragement and inspiration, come join us at LIFT to hear how the Lord is working in others as we are continuing to have special missionary guests in the next weeks. Pastor Tony Gschwend and his family are Swiss missionaries from Zug who have been in the U.S. as missionaries to the native American Indians of Arizona for the last five years. We will be blessed to hear what the Lord shares through Tony this Sunday evening.
Below is a very important announcment regarding our worship service times for the month of June.
Last but not least, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

In His grip and grace,

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