Looking Ahead!

Hello all,

“GOING”-taking the Gospel Message of Jesus to those around us!  O.k., so the momentum gets going and then what?  One might say, “Faster, faster!” and another might say, “Slow down, slow down!”  What about you, do you like fast rides or slow rides? What about a rollercoaster ride? Actually, it seems a rollercoaster best fits, when it comes to life and a walk with the Lord.  Life speeds up, slows down, gets out of control, makes our hearts jump, but all the while, we are safely buckled in our little cart and Someone Else is in control and watching over us to get us safely to the end of the ride (and then the eternal ride begins)!  Of course that Someone Else is God!  My encouragement for you this week is not about how fast or slow you GO, but to simply KEEP ON GOING for the Lord and don’t ever give up!  God isn’t finish with you yet!
We have a very special guest this week who is an incredible example of one who has kept the GO……going……… and for a very long time!  A servant of the Lord (and that actually means all of us) never really retires, but just finds another way to serve.  Mr. Ruedi Hostettler, a Swiss missionary who spent years and years in Japan, will be sharing with us Sunday night at LIFT.  I hope you can come and be encouraged by one who has spent a lifetime in serving and GOING!  I was blessed to have heard him preach several weeks back and it’s an honor to have him at LIFT.
In His grip and grace,

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