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From last  week, I wrote about seeing the wind, regarding how we can’t actually see the wind, but we see the evidence of the wind.  This being an illustration about how we see God through faith too!  
I also wrote about giving you more insight this week regarding His work in the life of a young German exchange student in the U.S. (17 or 18 years old) that sent an e-mail to us here in Switzerland.
As some of you know Tanya and I have a connecting with Dare 2 Share Ministries from the U.S. and the GOSPEL message that we use at LIFT (the one that we also translated into German) is via D2S also. Well this young woman, Julia Freund, is “on fire” in her faith and returning back to Germany soon.  We intend to keep the connection with Julia and as LIFT, we can keep her in prayer, and those that she will come across in sharing her faith.  Kind of like our own “missionary” north of our Swiss border sharing the wonderful Gospel Message of Jesus Christ!  I hope you are encouraged with her letter below:
> hey Corey
> my name is Julia*, and I am a foreign exchange student from germany.
> at the moment I am in the US, I have three weeks left and I am really sad
> that the year
> went by so fast!!!My youthgroup leader over here gave my your
> mail address. He showed me the mail he wrote you, and your response. I cant
> express how excited I am!!!
> I would write in german but after a year with just english my german got
> really bad:)
> I am so thankfull for this year, I grew and learned so much!!and of course
> most important
> I found God…he is such a big part of my life now and I cant imagin how I
> could have ever lived without him!!God is so amazing….and I think the most
> important thing I learnd is to trust him…that he will be always there when
> we need him..but that our timing is not his!I am so sad to leave here, my
> church, my youthgroup all my friends…and sometimes I think I am affraid
> that God is gonne stay here and I have ti remind myself that he is
> everywere, and that he is gonne love me as much in germnay as he loved me
> here. I think one of the reasons why I have this fear is that I never
> expereanced God in Germany….or better he was there but my heart was just
> not opened to him…
> it is crazy things that seem so normal over here like youthgroup does not
> even exist in germany!!D2S helped me so much over here!!even now so many
> months afterwards  I feel its power when I look at pictures. It changed so
> many hearts and that is exactly what germany needs, or better the whole
> world. But I think one of the reasons why so many young people in germnay
> dont believe is because most of the churches dont try, to envolve the youth
> to get their interest and to challange them….there needs to be a
> revolution:) because God is everyhting else than boring!!he is exciting and
> yea he can be in loud music, you can feel God in a croud singin, crying out
> to jesus, guitars playing in the backround!!!I would be really interested to
> hear from you guys, I live in Hamburg I gues you now were that is:) It is
> soo amazing, what young kids do oever here, and that I was able to be part
> of it, now I want to take it back…because teenager in germnay need to now,
> about jesus, how he saved us, that church is not boring nothing you have to
> do, but somehting you want to do because of an amazing relationship woth
> your savior!!!!I am really sad and excited at the same time to go
> home….sad because it will hurt to leave all this behind…but yea I now
> for a fact that this is not the end:) and I am excited for what God has
> planed for my life!!excited to spread the word in germnay were so many kids
> and adults need to hear it..there is a lot to do”:)
> It would be really amazing when you could write me back….thanks
> allready…in his love
> julia freund
Heb 11:1  Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. NIV
Heb 11:1  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. KJV

In His grip and grace,

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