Lift Night- for Oct. 17th, 2004

Hello Everyone,

1-Ask the Lord of the Harvest to bring forth workers!

2-GO and TELL them the “Kingdom of God” is near!

The first statement is our LIFT ministry’s main prayer.  As we are forming our IDENTITY, we seek to grow and have a presence of Jesus in the Zug area.  The second statement is our message, or the GOSPEL message to be more precise!  We will be looking intently at this Gospel message the next couple of weeks.

1 -IDENTITY- We are still forming the “it” of who we are in regards to being a home Bible study, cell group, or new “church” plant. For the moment it seems best to simply use the term “ministry”. We are the Lift Ministry, a new Christian ministry in the Zug area that uses the Bible and English as common tools in reaching our to others!  As we are in teamwork with both the Evangelische Stadtmission Zug (German language) and International Baptist Church of Zurich (English language) we are excited to see what the future has in store!  Looking ahead, we intend to launch to more of a “large group format” (vague intentionally, bring your thoughts and ideas to discuss) after the new year in January 2005 in a much bigger room than our living room.  For now, join us on Sunday nights at our home as we get our initial foundation set.  Jesus is already bringing in the workers, let’s keep praying for more!

2 -THE GOSPEL–  Have you ever been in a conversation that begins to head into spiritual matters and you want desperately to share your Christian faith and give some truth and substance in the conversation, only to hold back out of fear of what to say? …..or what others may think? …..or ??   We have all been there, and the truth is, we often DO hold back for many reasons, often simply being “unconfident” in how to clearly share our faith.  The next two weeks will be specifically geared to equipping ourselves with a better understanding of the GOSPEL message and how we can know it and share it in normal everyday conversations.

Looking forward to growing together!

In His grip and grace,
Corey and Tanya

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