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As a kid, there are things that you can look back upon and remember them as markers or turning points of growing up.  (In the past I’ve referred to them as “standing stones”.)  You know: your first day of school, your first date, the first time you drove alone with your own license, graduations and getting your first job, etc. etc.  Of course, I hope all of us remember that point of salvation for each of us too, when we believed and received Jesus as our personal Savior!
Well, as LIFT, we have two exciting “standing stones” to remember that are currently being stood up as a marker in our journey we continue to “grow up” as a ministry and church for Jesus Christ. 
The first standing stone is that we will stay with the Sunday MORNING worship service format at 10 a.m. and not return to Sunday nights in Aug.  We have prayed about this and truly feel it is of the Lord that we continue to meet in the mornings as our mainstay worship service time.  Please help get the word out as you see people that have joined us in the past during the evening times.  So, from now on, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings!  Also, we praise the Lord and thank some of those from our sister churches who often attended Sunday nights at LIFT as support to us in the past! 

The second standing stone is that of LIFT giving of financial blessings to the Lord’s Kingdom as we have been blessed!  As the Word of God says, it is more blessed to give than to receive, we are being faithful at an early point in our church ministry to bless other missionaries or churches around the world.  From our LIFT account balance of 14,000 Swiss Francs we are given away 50% to two missionary needs that LIFT intends to “partner” with.  3,500 to both Zachariah, a pastor in Sudan who spoke at LIFT last November (this via Tearfund.ch) and 3,500 to a national ministry in Belize who’s seminary project is training the future national pastors of Belize.  Specifically in Belize our gift will help them complete getting a water source established on their 26 acre seminary site.  More information about these ministries will come in the future as we all intend to share what the Lord is doing in our ministries alike!
It’s exciting to look ahead and imagine what the Lord has in store for all of us as we faithfully walk forward together in serving Him here in Switzerland!
Sorry for the delay since my last update as I had a heavy travel schedule and then our family enjoyed a break last week together.  Thank you to the Eales, Haefligers and others who wonderfully lead the worship service last Sunday!
In His grip and grace,

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