The journey is ahead!

I for one had an incredible experience this past weekend during our A-Men retreat.  To have 24 men of so many different backgrounds, cultures, languages and even social statuses together for a common cause, the cause of Jesus Christ, was astounding.  Also putting aside the reality of our busy lives, marriages, families, jobs for a couple of days and realizing that we are not alone and that we have similar needs and grace from our Lord was quite eye opening (and heart opening too)!  Either is was a past tense experience that was simply “touching to the soul” or it was the beginning of future experiences of taking actions to improve our relationship with God, our wives and/or families and others.  I pray that it is the latter and that the encouragement and momentum carries forward and we are stronger men of faith and integrity in the days ahead!   
Thank you wives and kids for letting us get away for a weekend with intentions of growing our faith! Many thanks again to Gordon and Rean (and Sue and Liesl too) for coming all the way up from South Africa, using your personal vacation time to be so encouraging to us here in Swissland!
May we continue to move ahead in the weeks to come, praying for each other, meeting with each other and worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ together!   As the body of Christ, we need each other AND we are so blessed to have each other!!!
In His grip and grace,

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