Hello All,
We are making great progress through our Extraordinary journey through Ephesians.  This Sunday I continue with the team teaching and will share a message over chapter 4 entitled “Extraordinary Unity”.  As we look how we are all one part of many parts in the body of Christ, we will mainly focus on you, the individual part and we, LIFT, as the local body of many parts.  Obviously, the body of Christ is also the entire church across all of God’s creation and although I won’t focus on this too much this Sunday morning, I want to share an illustration about it now giving evidence of the fact that LIFT “IS” part of this greater body of Christ. 

When the A-Men leaders were here from South Africa, LIFT gave them a financial blessing in thankfulness of their serving us as they did.  Immediately they didn’t want to accept it, but we insisted and they said they would not keep it for themselves personally but instead share it with a special ministry that their church in South Africa has.  As part of the body of Christ, we are blessed back in truly seeing how the one of many parts really do make up the active body of Christ!  Below is a letter from South Africa.  I hope you are encouraged as well!

Dear brothers and sisters at LIFT,

We are deeply grateful for your gift to our centre that has been handed to us by Gordon and Sue Hay. What a joy to know the ‘communion of saints’ in this way.

We have decided to use your gift to give the children who attend the centre, the opportunity of fun and laughter at a Christmas party for them on the 25th November. A member of Trinity will bring all sorts of games for the children, the youth group will organise events and competitions, the children will have lunch as well ‘party’ food and they will all receive gifts. We look forward to sending you photographs of the event.

The children who attend the centre each afternoon come from homes affected by HIV and aids and extreme poverty. We know that each one of them is on our Lords VIP list! It is our privilege to care for them. They enjoy a meal when they arrive at the centre, and have a time of prayer, worship and Bible reading. We encourage them in their lives by helping them with their school work in a cheerful and positive environment. It is very encouraging for us to experience your participation in this ministry. Thank you.

God bless you
Yours in Christ
The Drop-In Centre Team.
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday (especially the kids in the afternoon at the first ever Club LIFT!)
In His grip and grace,


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