The journey continues!

Hello All,
So far so good…….the journey continues!  Our study through Ephesians thus far has been Extraordinary in many ways.   With the team preaching approach of Ken, Derek and I, it has been great to hear different perspectives and insights each week as the Lord leads us together through His word. 
Last week was chapter 4 on Unity, specifically the Body!  We spent some weeks in the early summer on the Body of Christ (including some verses from the Ephesians) using different illustrations on how a healthy body is supposed to function.  It was so exciting this time to use LIFT as a current, real live example as one body made up of many individual parts that are serving one another so that the whole body functions.  I could have again made up some nice illustration like a bicycle only being usable when the wheels, the gears, the sprockets, the seat and the handlebars work together as one bike to get you from point A to point B, but it was with joy to simply look around at the people of LIFT and share how we ARE many individual parts serving together as one active, functioning and growing body!  That IS Extraordinary Unity! 
Sunday afternoon at our first ever Club Lift (for kids 3-12) was yet another beautiful example of seeing the body work together.  Fourteen clubbers showed up and eight leaders were ready to make this first club an exciting and worthy event.  Worthy? Yes, aside of the fun and games, kids once again showed they can learn faster than adults and many quoted the first month’s verse from memory to the rest during the final group session!  Also having the International Church of Luzern (ICOL) team up with us on this is another testament of the larger Body of Christ.  The new pastor Brian Post led the music time, his teenage daughter Liza helped lead mini club and 4 of of the clu bbers were from ICOL as well! 
By the way, YOUTH GROUP launches next week. For those of you that are 13-18 and want to join us for bowling and more, please give us a reply or call to let us know you can come!  Saturday, 2nd of December at the Cherry Bowl in Sihlbrugg and then our home for the rest!  6:00 pm -8:30pm  
For all of us at LIFT, I hope to see you Sunday at Worship as Derek leads this week on chapter 5 and Extraordinary Joy!
In His grip and grace,

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