Little Helping Hands!

Hello all,

A couple weeks ago after the LIFT service, I was able to see first hand the body of Christ in action from an unexpected group of people exemplifying this glimpse…….our children!

While Tanya was inside having a leadership meeting with several potential adults/parent volunteers about the new teaching format for the children’s Sunday School format, I spontaneously volunteered myself to take all the kids to the nearby park. As the 6-12 years olds ran off ahead and began to swing, teeter totter and climb trees, I slowly made may way to the park with three of our lil’ todlers who are 2, 3 and 4 years old. To my pleasant surprise, as we lil’ tots arrived to the area where the rest of the kids were playing, a NATURAL ACT OF SERVICE/WORSHIP (not requested or demanded) occurred from the older kids. Three or four of them stopped what they were doing, welcomed the lil’ tots and swept them away to include them in swinging and teeter tottering, all the while they were smiling and laughing and enjoying one another. I’ll be honest, it was not what I expected. I thought I was going to have to ask (or demand) for some assistance from the big kids. I expected a “Do we have to?” complaining response and only have heartedly acceptance of forced service. Normally I am always thinking ahead of circumstances and already figured I might have needed to “buy” their help by suggesting few Francs or candy if they would help out (you know the “normal” way adults often reason with kids!). BUT this isn’t what happened, it was a natural act of service and love…….. a glimpse of the body of Christ……..a glimpse of worship, both as an act of worship by those involved and a moment of worship for me to be blessed in just seeing it!

This NATURAL ACT OF SERVICE/WORSHIP was touching to see. The little girls were smiling and laughing, which was obviously contagious to the big girls and in the end, true joy and just plain ol’ fun was experienced by all! Our LIFT kids, after months and now years of meeting regularly every week for worship and Sunday School have just naturally learned how to love and serve one another. O.K. maybe some weeks are more difficult than others, especially when the preacher goes a bit long downstairs, but overall, the journey that our LIFT kids are experiencing together is a model for the rest of us too! Natural acts of loving God and loving others!

We are learning plenty about this unconditional love in our preaching series through 1 John. This week we will cover the first part of chapter 4. I hope to see you there!

In His grip and grace,


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