Hello All,
Not every week do I get to see God’s hand and presence in life so clearly as I did this week.  It may sound like such a simple thing, or even coincidental, but I believe and know that “Birdie” was/is from the will of the Father!
It all started last Sunday morning during Kidz Time during the LIFT service when Ken spoke to the children about birds.  A couple of the kids are studying birds this week (Vogelwoche) at kindergarten.  Knowing that, Ken brought in a bird watching book with pictures and used the two verses below sharing how even a seemingly worthless (monetarily that is) sparrow is protected, valued and cared for by God, and furthermore, God values and cares for us as His children even more than sparrows. 
Matt 10:29, 31
Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.  So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Now fast forward a few days to Thursday, lunchtime in Edlibach at the Best’s house where Silas and Livia are just beginning to eat lunch with Tanya.  All of the sudden, right out the window on the railing of the deck was a small baby sparrow laying on it’s back in confusion, unable to flip over and in danger of falling off to certain death if it was to roll off the wrong side at 2-stories in height.  From a ledge tucked under the roof this baby sparrow fell from its nest, landing on its back and was in big trouble.  Tanya and the kids assessed the situation and then Tanya did what anyone would do in such a case; call her African friend next door who should know more about wild beasts and birds of the air!  Kristin, Maike and Danja were soon there to aid in operation: Rescue Birdie. (Remember, now 4 of the kids who heard the bird verses at LIFT were present to witness the rest of the story and Tanya was NOT at Lift Sunday morning to hear the kids lesson.) First, of course, they named him “Birdie”.  After realizing there was no chance to get him back into the nest above (because it was inside an enclosed part of the roof overhang) and mommy bird was no where to be found, they put him in a home made nestled basket and they tried to see if he would eat or drink something.  At one point, Tanya called me at work and I had remembered something growing up that if a bird falls from the nest, especially if handled by humans, then the parent bird will disown it and leave it, meaning……..to a natural death.  Letting nature take it’s course wasn’t the acceptable advise that Tanya was seeking from the heartless daddy that couldn’t see this cute and helpless sparrow (named Birdie) looking at four caring kids so concerned that they were praying for him.  My heart was warmed immediately as she called back a few moments later after contacting a bird sanctuary about an hour away who takes in all birds, big and small, and they planned to all go finish this operation of Rescue Birdie.  Sure enough, upon arrival a bird specialist took Birdie in her hands and said, “This little guy should make it just fine as he seems to not be injured and after a couple more days with nutrition, he will be of age to fly normally!”  (paraphrased).  The kids enjoyed the tour of the Bird Museum there and overall the afternoon was the most exciting they have had in weeks. Best of all, BIRDIE was gonna make it and they all had a hand in helping.  Needless to say, as the daddies (Ken and myself) made it home from work to hear the amazing story, it was even more amazing recalling the bird lesson from Uncle Ken on Sunday and how God did not let this sparrow Birdie fall to the ground apart from the Father’s will, and that our kids were able to see God’s Word in such a real manner! (And me too!)  
Read the verses again:
Matt 10:29, 31
Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.  So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.
Take heart, God DOES love and value the sparrows of this world, even Birdie………..and how much more does God love and value you (and me)!
Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you at LIFT on Sunday as we continue to learn from the words (Red Letters) of Christ.
In His grip and grace,

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