LIFT- Into the Kingdom around us!

Hello All,

Many of you know about the really amazing “God-Thing” in regards to the Best and Post families who lead LIFT- The International Church of Zug (LIFT) and The International Church of Luzern (ICOL).  The Best’s left Summit County, Colorado in 2004 to Zug to start Lift and two years later, in 2006, the Post’s also left the same Summit County, Colorado (from another church within 15 minutes of the Best’s former church) to go serve at ICOL in Luzern, less than 30 minutes from Zug.  At the same time, neither family communicated or coordinated this “coincidentally” close proximity of serving God with one another. It is just as I stated at the beginning; a God-Thing! 

This past Sunday, as us Best’s wrapped up our vacation week and arrived back in Zug on Saturday night and not being expected at LIFT on Sunday, we spontaneously decided to go visit ICOL in Luzern.  It was a wonderful blessing to be around another congregation of Internationals and it was a wonderful blessing to hear the Message from Brian Post.  During his message, I realized that after more than 13 years (total) of living/serving within 30 minutes of each other, I had never heard Brian preach.  I used to work very closely with his youth pastor back in the States, sometimes on a near weekly basis, and I had heard about Brian’s great teaching/preaching ability to clearly communicate and train his congregation with the Gospel, but it took more than 13 years to make the opportunity happen to hear him in person. 

On one hand, we “work the same hours” so it isn’t easy to visit one another, but at the same time, all too often churches get too involved within the four walls of their church and may miss the blessing of fellowshipping and serving together in the larger Kingdom around them.  Too often churches, sometimes even from the same denominations, somehow think and treat the nearby churches as competition.  O.K., I’m not promoting church hopping and that people surf around from one church to the other because clearly, we should actively serve and minister within our own church body, but I do believe that as the extended Body in our community, we can be a strong light of hope and an encouragement to each other beyond our church walls!  It was wonderful and encouraging to hear Brian share from his heart live this past week…… even if it took 13 years while serving the Lord in the same proximity on two continents!

Of course, I am the eternal optimist and must also praise the Lord for so many Kingdom minded things going on around us here in Zug.  On Aug. 12th, at the Landgemeindeplatz there is a large open air community event called JesusFaescht (Jesus Festival) that the Christlicher Treffpunkt and Rotkreuz Gemeinde (two local Christian free churches) are working together in hosting for the community!  On September 30th, LIFT and Stami (Evangelische Stadtmission Zug) are having a combined bi-lingual service to intentionally bring these two congregations together to build and strengthen the relationship together.  Club LIFT- the Kids program -will launch again on Sept. 2nd and like last year, it will be a combined program of LIFT and ICOL (Luzern) working together!  Yes, the Christian churches are serving together and may God use all of us, His body with Jesus Christ as the Head, to be a voice of hope for the world around us, to be an encouragement for each other … and to ultimaltely bring glory to Himself!

This Sunday, the 5th of August and first Sunday of the month, we meet at the larger venue at the Kirchgemeindehaus of Zug’s Protestant Church.  (Imagine that, another bridge being created in working alongside another church in Zug!)

In His grip and grace,


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