Unto the nations!

Hello All,

What a wonderful opportunity we have at LIFT-The International Church of Zug; to reach people of many nations!  We sometimes share on Sundays that our DNA at LIFT (in part) is evangelism and ministers plural, meaning that as Jesus gave the below written “great commission”,  it was to all believers and not just the disciples or pastors today.  You, as a BELIEVER, have a blessed role in sharing Jesus with those around you, both in your lifestyle and in your words! Yes, it’s great to bring someone to church and yes, they will be accepted at LIFT (BELONG) regardless of their faith background and yes, we will share Jesus at LIFT, but at the same time, you can take God’s love and hope and Gospel message to those around you, wherever you are. And remember, Jesus is with you always!  Read it again. 

Matthew 28:19-20
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 

It is very true of LIFT that many nations are coming to us here in Zug and this is exceptional opportunity for us! At the same time, many of us GO as well and not just back to our house or workplace to share life with neighbors, friends and work colleagues, we GO to nations, both long term and short term.   

Long Term: As much as it “hurts” sometimes to hear someone may be moving back to their home country and leaving us at LIFT, it’s is also with “joy” that they can continue to live and give their faith away back in their home country!  It is great to realize God’s bigger plan that our little community at LIFT and all that we do, even the little things, make a difference both here in Zug and elsewhere. Just Walk Across The Room, the book the ladies read and now us men are going through, has been very encouraging in pointing out that the little conversations we have with people add up as God sends others into their lives to complete the story for them. You make a difference!  

Short Term: Many of you travel as well.  I am at the end of a 4 out of 5 week business travel schedule that has taken me from Wales, to the Netherlands, to Slovakia, to Vienna and next week to Athens (where Tanya fortunately gets to join me). In all those places I come across many, many people in various settings; some business settings, some casual settings and sometimes just meeting people at a shop or restaurant.  I still don’t always get it right in sharing something of spiritual value, but whether I say something or not, I encounter people. These people watch my lifestyle and actions of kindness (or rudeness) and when given the opportunity to speak, hear my voice and choice of words.  Sometimes it can be of deep spiritual value and sometimes it seems like I got nowhere, sometimes it improves their perception of a Jesus Follower and sometimes not.  

People (those around us here in Zug and those we encounter as we journey in life) are watching me … and you!  We are “speaking” to them whether we realize it or not.  Whether we get to “make a disciple out of them and baptize them” (of course God does that!), or just smile with kind eyes and a loving heart or say a prayer for them as we pass them on a street here or in a foreign land, we are GOING UNTO THE NATIONS FOR JESUS, and He is with us…….always!

One last thing, LIFT is supporting God’s work in other parts of the world like Belize, India and Africa through other believers serving Him there as well. Really, it is humbling to know that little things count and that we are part of something greater than ourselves or than our church called LIFT.  We are part of God’s plan and purpose to share his grace, love and hope to the nations and world around us, near and far!

We continue our series through 1 Timothy this Sunday.  I hope to see you there!

In His grip and grace,



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