Servant Leaders of LIFT!

Hello all,
This past Sunday at LIFT, Ken and I “wrapped up” our journey through 1 Timothy with a recap overview of this New Testament book and closed the message with focus for all of us to “unwrap Christmas” and remember to share with those around us what CHRISTmas is really about; Jesus!

We started the 1 Timothy journey in late August pointing out three main themes of this letter from Paul to Timothy in Ephesus, and then week by week we went chapter by chapter and verse by verse until this past Sunday.  The three main themes are the following: 

-LIVE IT “EXTRAORDINARY! –Paul’s mentor/mentee encouragement and insisting of high standards for Timothy in faith! And for the church too!
-RESIST FALSE TEACHERS/TEACHINGS –Paul urges Timothy to equip and provide firm resistances to FT’s in Ephesus. He identifies them and the nature of their false teaching.
-A “HEALTHY” CHURCH! –Paul’s gives strong emphasis on the importance of developing quality leadership with integrity of faith, a crucial element to a healthy church! (Timothy/Titus are NOT just a church organization manual!)

The third theme, regarding developing quality leadership with integrity of faith was something that LIFT actually “lived” these past months as well in real life and in real time!  Beginning in the summer, Ken and I met with several regarding developing a broader leadership at LIFT, with the passages of 1 Timothy and Titus in mind, as to overseers and/or deacons.  Through the months since, it has been a blessed experience of stepping forward together as seven Godly men (9 including Ken and I), with their wives (and children), having shared their “desire to aspire” to lead others in growing their faith in Jesus!  Along the way, one shared how LIFT’s leadership should not be that of a corporation with the CEO and Managers at the top, but instead upside down, with the leaders, as servant leaders, serving and supporting the body.  This “servant leadership” became a focus point for us in remembering that it was Jesus, who took off his robe and put on a towel and lowered himself to serve in washing the feet of his disciples.  None of us are perfect, but all of us have the grace of God in us and it is an honor to go forward into the future together with the LIFT body to share the Gospel Message of Jesus to all in our community of Zug and wherever the Lord may lead us in life!

Your Servant Leaders of LIFT (in no particular order): Corey and Ken (co-Pastors), Trevor, Ron, Christoph, Chas, Robert, Don and Ashok

May we as LIFT pray for one another (especially for these men, their wives and families and their commitment to leadership at LIFT), may we support one another and may we all together make a difference in the Kingdom of God, especially right here in Zug.  Also pray for our facility issue of needing more space as there are a few possibilities being looked at currently. 

Of course, pray for this month of December as the world is thinking about “X-Mas presents” and as we at LIFT together with many other churches are pursuing to “unwrap CHRISTmas” in remembering that the true gift at Christmas is God’s gift of Jesus and life in Him!

In His grip and grace,


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