Wisdom and Stature! – Part 2

Hello All,

Luke 2:52  “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”
This is the verse I wrote about 2 weeks ago regarding us, as followers of Jesus, to continually keep in mind.  As a reminder, the last lines written was the question and challenge for us to ask ourselves:  “HOW CAN I GROW IN WISDOM AND STATURE? (and in favor with God and men?) Think about it.  Meditate on it.  Contemplate it.  I believe you’ll find your answers, but the answers perhaps aren’t the point as much as the process of seeking Him is!  I read something to that effect in the Book!
The part 2- of Growing in Wisdom and Stature is to encourage us to look beyond just us as individuals in personal growth, but to us as LIFT, as a church that should also be focused on growth in a healthy and Godly way.  It’s not about growth in numbers of people, but about growth in “changed lives” of people!  Those that have been around that past few Sundays have heard the messages from Ken and I regarding the Elements of LIFT and what makes up our values and mission together as a Christian church.  A quick overview is this:
Fire- a metaphor of worship as our lives are a spiritual act of worship to the Lord. (Roman 12:1-3)  believe  
Water- a metaphor of belonging together, moving (flowing) in a common direction and being intentional to create a community of believers to encourage, share and hold one another accountable! (Act 2:42-47)
Earth- a metaphor for growth, or growing in faith, knowledge and of course wisdom in our Lord!  (John 8:31-31 and Luke 2:52)  become
Wood- a metaphor of service and ministry as building blocks, together creating and building our church to serve God and others! (Romans 12:4-13)
Wind (coming this week)- a metaphor of the motion of “GOing” for the Lord, on mission into your current realm of life and those around you and as a church body aiding other Christians or people in need around the world! (Luke 10 and Matt. 28:19-20)
These are exciting times of growth at LIFT. We have a Servant Leadership team recently formed (elders-deacons) and in the next weeks we will have completed the legal process of becoming a registered entity recognized in Switzerland.  In faith, we will soon find a solution to our limited physical meeting space issues.  There are many ministries that people are involved with from kids, to teens to adults, both men and women.  We are growing!  But let’s be sure to prayerfully lift up LIFT to the Lord and keep asking the question (as a church) “HOW CAN WE GROW IN WISDOM AND STATURE AND IN FAVOR OF GOD AND MEN?”  I believe it is happening already, but my prayer for all of us is to not let the growth and structure of growth supercede the growth in Godly stature! 
Looking forward to continuing the journey!  See ya Sunday at the Kirchgemeindehaus!
In His grip and grace,


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