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The coolest thing happened this past Sunday while my family was between “vacations”. We scheduled three Sunday’s away from LIFT as the kids got out of school on the 4th of July and we left for France the next morning. Late Saturday night we arrived back home in Zug for a quick stopover before leaving again to the UK for the 2nd leg of our vacation today, which is today, or Tuesday. (It’s actually a work trip for me, but I brought the family along for the ride and write these updates as I often do while sitting in a plane!)

So back to the coolest thing on Sunday. Since we weren’t expected at LIFT, our family decided to casually get up Sunday morning, have a family breakfast together and gingerly head out to visit a nearby church down in Zug. It happened to be called LIFT, The International Church of Zug. Arriving at 10, just as the service was starting, we found a seat and the kids went up front to sit with other kids. Many friendly faces were talking with one another and a lot of smiles were found in this friendly place. The music and singing began and it was clear that it wasn’t just singing, but a group of people who were actually LIFTing their voices and hearts to God….I believe this is called real and genuine worship! During the break as the kids were excused we even met a couple sitting behind us that we’ve never met before, seemingly fellow visitors together in this friendly church. The message was moving as a leader of the church, not the normal pastor, shared the message, but one would have thought this guy must preach often as he had such passion in sharing the Word.

I have to admit, the whole experience of “visiting” the local international church in Zug was very touching for our family. I remember in 1997 when Tanya and I lived in Zug for three months and an English speaking church didn’t even exist in the community. (Although Christlicher Treffpunkt and perhaps one of the other local German speaking Christian churches provided translation and/or a Bible study sometimes.) Even four years ago in 2004 when we relocated to Zug for real, there wasn’t a church like this where internationals and Swiss could gather to worship in English.
Aside of my playful writing about “visiting” LIFT, as you and I both know that my family’s passion and mission in life is all about LIFT, I want to, in a more serious manner, truly express that it was an incredible morning of worship and praise for me, Tanya too. To just attend LIFT and witness God’s faithfulness in His work here in Zug. It was with awe in my heart and soul to sing a simple song about standing in awe of Jesus and telling Him that I love Him. (A song that we’ve never sung before at LIFT.) To see a packed church room with so many different people serving with music, snacks, set up, preaching, childcare, and, and, and…….and I was able to just continue our family vacation and “visit”. It was delightful as mentioned above to meet a new family sitting behind us, and as far as they knew, we were just visiting like them. To our whole church body at LIFT, thank you all for serving and loving one another as it is a tribute to the Lord that yes, an international church is alive and well in Zug, Switzerland.

Unfortunately our plane trip back to Switzerland isn’t until this Sunday afternoon, so we won’t be able to drop in and visit LIFT again this week, but for the rest of you who gather to worship our Lord down by the lake, be blessed!

In His grip and grace,

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