The Body of Lift- Serving Together- all of us!

Romans 12:4 Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

Hello All,

How cool it is to see the body of LIFT in action!  If it wasn’t for faith and our God who can bless beyond expectations, I would think all that has happened in the last ten weeks would nearly be unbelievable……..and yet, I do believe and our God does bless in exceptional ways! 

It’s not just that LIFT was able to find and reach a rental agreement to move into Ibelweg 18 in less than a two week process (a miracle itself in Switzerland, not to mention the prior 18 month search with no results), but it’s all of the rest of the ” LIFT BODY” working together around this move and so many other ministries all launching at the start of this school year as well that is so wonderful to see.  LIFT isn’t about a building, it’s about people, actually Followers of Jesus, who love and serve God and one another as a light of hope to our community of Zug around us! 
Instead of using names, I just want to thank the “LIFT BODY”, meaning our church congregation, for stepping up and serving (working) hard together to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time, and to think that we don’t even have an official church membership yet! In the last 2 months there has been a church outing, a men’s retreat with two renewed and strengthened men’s morning groups, a church relocation with moving stuff to the new place, cleaning of the old place, raising lights in the new place, ladies study launching, baby showers taking place, ladies potlucks happening, Moms & Tots group meeting, Sunday school and nursery re-launching, Club Lift re-launching, music team forming w/ practice session, a sound team forming and new equipment being sourced, a janitor team starting, volunteers setting up facility needs (cups, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc), sourcing of new chairs, physically unloading new chairs, setting up new sanctuary including new backdrop screen that was sourced and personally delivered, K-Groups organizing and launching with host locations and leaders, a new preaching study with three men team-sharing the messages through 1 Peter……and I am sure I am forgetting many other wonderful things that have happened, just in the last two months!  It’s incredible and keep in mind these things don’t just happen by one or two people, but many, including the leaders of these ministries and projects who also spent planning and coordinating beforehand. 

Way to go Jesus, whom we thank first and foremost and above all else, but also way to go LIFT and thank you all who have graciously helped serve the Lord and one another!

I’m so excited that from the beginning, and even now, LIFT’s essence is more of faith in action versus faith in structure.  Sure, LIFT has accomplished some foundational structural issues this year by forming a broader leadership, the Servant Leaders (elders/deacons) and legally becoming a Swiss Verein including getting our own bank account and finance team in order, and these are important as structure and good stewardship is necessary.  But it’s beautiful to see the heart of LIFT is that of active faith, and faith to trust that God will continue to bless and protect LIFT, even though the structure isn’t fully developed yet, as in official membership for example.  Hopefully, LIFT intends to roll out our membership plan of action in January or at the latest February, as we started the process this past June and hit the summer holiday season and held it off.  You might remember that we communicated that three things are desired, actually expected, from those that desire to be members of LIFT, what we call the LIFT BODY.  First, that one is a Follower of Jesus; a true Christian who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ to receive God’s grace and salvation. Furthermore, that as a member one would give and serve in some capacity.  Perhaps one is new to faith or coming to a church, and isn’t comfortable with officially joining?  That’s understandable, especially in Switzerland where folks are often skeptical of churches, especially a free church that’s international and not part of the State Catholic or Protestant churches. Let me be very clear, ALL ARE WELCOME AT LIFT regardless of background and faith, however we are a Christian church and will teach the Bible unashamedly.  So for all who simply want to attend, even regularly, or who may be attending a LIFT ministry such as a ladies or men’s study or K-group, they are welcome and can have a place to belong. We call this the COMMUNITY OF LIFT.  So at LIFT, we look to Jesus as the head of His church and then we have the SL-Servant Leadership of LIFT (elders and deacons), the LIFT BODY (the Followers of Jesus who give and serve) and the LIFT COMMUNITY (the ones who attend and have found a place to belong). Welcome to LIFT The International Church of Zug!  

Let’s see how things go after the new year starts with better defining the structure, but in the meantime let’s praise God and thank Him for doing great and mighty things through His church’s active faith here in Zug!  There is something special going on and what a praise to be able to be a part of it and to see God the Father and the Holy Spirit working through us at LIFT for the Name and Glory of the Son, Jesus Christ! 

We are so blessed and it is an honor to serve the Lord Jesus Christ alongside you here at LIFT!

In His grip and grace,


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