Hello All,

Just a quick update and request for a bit of help if you have some time on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to finish up the painting, carpet, final detailing and especially……the clean up of the upstairs phase 1 building project! 
So far, what a wonderful job and great teamwork from more than 12 people helping thus far.  An extra big thank you to Werner S and Ruedi H for their expertise and leading the work force!!!!  Most all the “big stuff” is complete with the rooms, doors, windows basically complete and even a first coat of paint.  However, we still have a few tasks at hand but with about 4 or 5 volunteers each of the three final days, our kids should be able to already use the new rooms this already this coming Sunday!!!!
Ladies, surely you can paint better than I, as I think I got more on the floor and myself than I did on the first coat of the ceiling!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
THURSDAY: (9am-5pm- half days a fine too) Lot’s of PAINTING and trimwork with lot’s of fine details.
FRIDAY:  (9am-5pm- half days a fine too) Completion of painting (and/or possible start on laying carpet)
SATURDAY: (9am until completion of cleaning) Lay Carpet (if not done) and major, major clean-up!  WE NEED A LARGE CREW TO HELP CLEAN ALL OF THE DOWNSTAIRS AND UPSTAIRS.  The entire building it very dusty……obviously!  Furthermore, a few loads in a van and/or large vehicle needed Saturday before noon to take trash/construction waste to the recycle center for disposal.  
Aside of all the “work” done, I think everyone so far has also appreciated just being able to journey and fellowship together.  Another great example of the body of Christ at work at LIFT!
Also, this Sunday and next Sunday, the messages will be sharing all about LIFT and our church’s history, beliefs and our vision into the future in impacting our community and those around us with our faith!  Hope to see ya there!
In His grip and grace,



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