“A Time To Dance!”

Hello All,

I’ve always liked the beginning of Ecclesiastes 3 where the Bible gives us such a broad glimpse into the reality of one’s life; there is a time for everything!  Verse 4 in particular says, “a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance”. 

So why would I be writing about dancing this week? Is it because David also danced in the Bible as in 2 Samuel 6:14 where it is written, “David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might”? Is it because I personally am a good dancer?  I can answer the good dancer question easily with an honest; “not really!”  Actually I was brought up following the end of a generation that somewhat probably considered dancing not really a church thing at all, and even most “good church folks” would have called dancing a sin!  Today, perhaps there is a lot of dancing that crosses the line of indecency and is sinful, but dancing in and of itself is an act of creativeness that can be used for many things, even good things and even worship (yes worship, just like David)!  But it still doesn’t change the fact that I’m just not very good at it!  Back in my day in 6th grade I remember learning a few moves when the words “popping” and “break dancing” we’re new and trendy terms, which today’s generation (and probably even more so with an international readership) would just say that break dancing should really mean, “Corey, take a break from trying to dance and what in the world are you talking about with popping? (some might call that part electricity)”. 

So why am I writing about dancing?

O.k. I’ll get to the point, this Saturday, from 7:30-10:00pm, is LIFT’s “Community Outreach Family Dance Evening” and I and my family are looking forward to going, even inviting others to come check it out too.  Katherine Fedor and family have blessed LIFT with leading/teaching two prior Dance Evenings that have been a cool experience for all that have come!  It has nothing to do with “popping” and really, I pray nobody “breaks” anything dancing.  Actually, it’s a whole different type of dancing versus that which was around back in my early days. It’s actually from a couple hundred years back when dancing was “rather proper” in form when done amongst the good folks of Britain such as you might have seen in Jane Austen movies like Pride and Prejudice. 

O.k., now I’ve crossed the line for most of the men out there who already think I’m crazy to admit I’m going dancing with my family in a fashion that was inspired by a chick flick like Pride and Prejudice, especially since most know I’m into American Football (Go Broncos!) and even watched a live Rugby match (All Blacks) a few weeks ago in Italy.  But hang on, I’m being honest and it’s really a worthwhile and extremely fun experience, even for a manly man like some of you out there!  I too remember when I went to the first one earlier in the year, I a bit “shy” (nicer than saying embarrassed) to admit I was going to go to an 18th Century dance night.  In fact I really only went because I enjoy doing things with my family and we are all in it together…..and I like hanging out with the Fedor’s as well!  But now with two dance night’s under my belt, I’m even writing about it publicly!  No experience needed, cause Katherine & Co are great teachers.  
Whether young (over 7), old (no limit), single (more than welcome), couples or family we look forward to enjoying a wonderful night of fellowship, fun and dance together!  Bring someone with you! 

In His grip and grace, 

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