Words can’t express it!

Live it and Give it! (Zug, Switzerland)-  for January 2010
In early January, my Facebook header simple stated, “words can’t express it…..” for a little more than a week.  The rest of the statement that I didn’t post was “……being in the presence of God!” 

So far so good in twenty ten!  As I am on a “Sabbatical” this year with my family from active daily leadership at LIFT, I’m looking to “see God” as often as I can in my daily life and activities, even in the simplest of ways which are often the most profound…….when one only looks with intention to see Him!  I’m looking to “dream” of ways to impact His Kingdom, while ensuring its one heart at a time, not statistics and numbers.  In this fashion, it’s personal; personal with every person that God brings into my realm of influence.   
We all have a story in life and too often I want to share mine, mostly with intentions to share Him, but again, too often content with just sharing mine.  For this season in life, I hope to discover and learn about God through the stories of others and how He is working in their lives and realms of influence.  Most of you know, my work life takes me to many far away places where many people that I spend time show no signs of God in their realm, although who am I to judge from the outside, therefore, I’m hoping they’ll invite me into sharing their stories as well, perhaps in the end both they and I can see God more clearly.
So there you have it for the first LIFT update of 2010.  Too be honest, I’ve “written” about 10 already this year, but didn’t get out the keyboard to put them down as I just didn’t have the right “words to express it”.   If you’re ok with receiving these updates, then I pray the journey ahead this year will be of encouragement as “I try to express” the heart of God through people and the stories that I encounter, perhaps even some of mine too (because I sometimes can’t help it)! 
I hope your story is going well and regardless of your circumstances (wonderful, good, bad or terrible) that you can still find yourself in the presence of God and know deep within that IT IS WELL WITH YOUR SOUL!  For those that know me well, “It is well with my soul”, goes deeper than just 5 words that can’t express it completely!
In His grip and grace and enjoying the journey and adventure now and ahead!


PS- The morning after I wrote the above (and without Ken knowing what I wrote), I got the following text message on my phone from Ken. “Hello bru, I want you to know that I have been praying for you today that as the stories of others unfold today you will know and see our LORD’s plan unfold.”  God is so often showing us His presence when we look to Him and in this case, words do express it well!

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