Everyone has a story….churches too! (…..and Happy 6th Birthday LIFT)

Live It and Give It!  (Zug, Switzerland)-  for September 2010 

Hello all,
A couple of Sundays back, my family and I were able to attend a really special church celebration.  The nearby International Church of Lucerne (ICL) celebrated 30 years of existance and for such an occasion, they really created a special weekend event and had a Sunday worship service that was indeed memorable for the “story” (past & present) of their church.  (Many of you know that our family has the Colorado connection with the Post family who formerly pastored that church). It’s not every day that 30 years can be celebrated and in this case, they reunited ALL the former pastors and wives together for the weekend with many former families and friends who previously lived in Lucerne returning for the reunion.  At Sunday’s service, during the “preaching time”, one after another these 5 of 6 men of faith, briefly shared a great Word from the Lord, taking a moment of prayer for the one of them, who has already gone on to be with the Lord.  I’ve got to admit, it was one of the most special sermons I’ve heard, and I believe for each of them, it must have been beyond touching.  Each of these men served the Lord at this church from 2 years to several years over the course of 30 years, all having spent time on that same stage preaching in that building, to various hearts and souls of people over the years, however on this particular morning, it was as if all of that history stood still in the present.  I can only imagine the emotions, feeling and flashbacks they must have had, especially those who stood there long ago, in seeing a full crowd in front of them, while remembering the various families and faces from years earlier.   
What was exceptionally fitting in my opinion, was how the current pastor, Reagan Wilson, started off the Sunday morning worship service with a clear tribute to the Lord of lords and King of kings for such a celebration, Jesus Christ!  To God Be the Glory, was the theme of 30 years celebration and Pastor Reagon nicely reminded everyone that although it’s great to look back at how the church has grown over the decades, the celebration, however, isn’t just about the church, or the people involved in the years, nor what people have done, but what GOD has down.  So yes, celebrate and enjoy each other and the time together, but of course, first and foremost celebrate what God has done!  This was a great start to a great worship service.  May the Lord continue to bless this church in their continued story of living and giving the Gospel message into the future!
BY THE WAY………  last Sunday was LIFT’s 6th birthday.  Not quite 30 years yet, but it was exactly six years ago on the 5th of September, 2004, that 13 people (8 adults and 5 kids) gathered together in a small living room for the very first LIFT NIGHT!  What a beautiful story the Lord has been writing and continues to write through our church as well!  ALL GLORY TO GOD!!!!
………the journey and journeys continue for ICL and LIFT! Why not take a moment and pray for ICL, LIFT, their families, their ministries and their cities (as well as your home church and city too) and may the Lord continue to bless His Kingdom in these places and across all the nations as we, the Followers of Jesus, continue to “Live our faith and Give it away”….near and far! 
In His grip and grace,

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