"10-10-10" Live It and Give It IS LAUNCHED! (10th October, 2010)

So here it is….the launch day of Live it and Give It Ministries International and the liveitandgiveit.org website. …..

 “10-10-10- Connecting Dots”    …………. and the launch of www.liveitandgiveit.org   

Hello all,  

October 10th, 2010 – 10-10-10:  It’s been an interesting year of Living and Giving my worship and faith in life, ministry and the workplace.  After 5 years of church planting in Switzerland, this has been a year of “Sabbatical” in part, and a year of vision of how to CONNECT THE DOTS, those DIVINE DOTS, that the Lord has put into my path……….and as part of this vision, today is the launch of a journey now and into the future and it is a continuation of serving and connecting the Kingdom….near and far!    

www.liveitandgiveit.org is a website and ministry forming to connect the Kingdom… not just here in the Zug area but across Europe in particular, and beyond.    Today’s just the launch…..the rest is ahead!     

Looking back, for those that have followed the journey of LIFT The International Church of Zug and the updates that I’ve written since 2004,  the entire archive of updates of LIFT’s first five years is available on this website as well.  Live It and Give It Ministries International and the new website are also the result of finding myself in various cities sitting across from various pastors and church planters, and it is clear to me to take action with such divine connections and see how the Lord blesses them.  Currently, at our home church at LIFT, I’ve also been re-engaging in student ministry with our teens which many of you know is another passion of mine.  This passion has another “spin” to it as I am now a parent of a teen myself!  

So……………..living my faith and giving it away!  Near and far, I pray you are too!    The journey is so worth it and the adventure continues…   stay tuned at www.liveitandgiveit.org  

In His grip and grace,  


PS: A big “Thank you” to a great friend and fellow servant of Jesus, without whom this project would not have been possible, the webmaster of liveitandgiveit.org.    

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